Applying to the Landes Research Group

Our research is fueled by the creative endeavors of the talented individuals in our lab. We are always looking for new members who are ready to take their research to the next level.

For potential undergraduates

Rice boasts a world class undergraduate program that nurtures an initial interest of science into a research driven career. Centered in the metroplex of Houston, Texas, Rice has a long (and continuing) history of pushing the borders of scientific inquiry with cutting edge research endeavors. Undergraduates should apply through the Rice's application portal.

For potential graduate students

To join the group, you must first apply (and be accepted) to one of our PhD programs. The Landes Research Group draws students primarily from the Chemistry Department, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Applied Physics Program. Applications in each program are typically reviewed each December.

For potential postdoctoral scholars

Interested postdoctoral candidates may contact Prof. Christy Landes directly to apply. We review applications constantly, and we are always searching for stellar candidates who can help the group to propel its science and its people forward.